Aluminum Pergola NZ

Are you looking for an affordable solution to transform the outdoor living area of your home? If so, we present you with our stylish and sleek Aluminum Pergola NZ.

The aluminium pergola is a hassle-free solution, requiring no maintenance. It boasts an adjustable roof that offers the flexibility of being opened and closed at will. This innovative design provides effective sun protection and transforms into a fully waterproof shelter when the louvres are closed.

Aluminum Pergola

Aluminum Pergola: A Sanctuary of Serenity and Escape

The idea of an outdoor living area has become a revolutionary force in the constantly evolving home design and architecture world. It's an innovative concept that enables homeowners to expand the borders of their living areas without altering the size of their residences.

Our pergolas stand out among the variety of options as true guardians of this transformation, providing an entrance to year-round sophistication, relaxation, and the incomparable delight of embracing nature.

Our aluminium Pergolas offer both wall mounting freestanding options and are available in White and Dark Grey Colour choices.

Benefits of Our Pergolas

Imagine leaving the confines of your home and entering a peaceful environment where the sound of rustling leaves and a light wind soothes your senses. Our pergolas transform an outdoor living space into a tranquil space where the stresses of everyday life suddenly disappear.

They are a getaway where you may relax with a book while the moon emits a soft glow or enjoy your morning coffee while being embraced by the sunlight. Stress melts away, and a strong sense of connectedness to nature takes root in this haven.

Effortless Installation

Aluminum's lightweight nature simplifies the assembly and installation of a louvered pergola in NZ on your rooftops and terraces. In load-bearing sensitive areas, aluminium outperforms wood due to its superior strength-to-weight ratio.

Minimal Maintenance

Crafted from non-porous extruded aluminium, Outdoor Elements' pergolas endure harsh weather conditions for years, requiring little maintenance. The material's innate resistance to pests, warping, rot, and mould ensures a worry-free outdoor experience.

Unwavering Durability

Each component receives a top-tier exterior powder coating, enhancing resistance against rust and corrosion. This protective coating surpasses alternatives, guaranteeing a prolonged lifespan and exceptional value over time.

Economical Advantage

Although motorised aluminium pergola roofs may entail higher initial costs, the long-term savings are evident as maintenance expenses dwindle compared to the frequent sanding, staining, and sealing demands of wood. Investing in aluminium proves to be a prudent financial decision.

Timeless Outdoor Elegance

In the realm of luxurious pergolas, aluminium stands unrivalled in its ability to seamlessly combine beauty, versatility, and longevity. Enlist the expertise of our design team to create an outdoor haven that will remain a warm gathering space for friends, guests, and family for generations to come.

Your Home, Your Choice

A space with pergolas becomes a blank canvas for individual creativity, just as every home reflects its occupants. Yes, you can customise them as you wish. The design options are almost endless, from picking the style of the Pergola—whether modern, traditional, or minimalist—to selecting materials that complement the architecture of your house.

Create a relaxing atmosphere by adding soft lighting, climbing vines for lush greenery, or outfitting the area with inviting furniture. We also sell outdoor blinds in NZ so you can create a private outdoor sanctuary as per your preferences.

If you have any uncertainty about which pergola would be most suitable for your residence, our team can offer expert guidance regarding the options available.

Why Choose Welltex?

Crafted for longevity, our aluminium pergolas are engineered to endure over time, granting customers the pleasure of their investment for countless years.

With an array of sizes, styles, colours, and finishes at your disposal, our products can be personalised to harmonise precisely with your unique requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Offering adjustable angles for effective sunlight management and privacy control, our aluminium pergolas are an impeccable addition to any setting, ensuring a seamless blend of practicality and style.


1. Will the aluminium pergola rust?
Aluminium pergola materials are rust-resistant, ensuring minimal maintenance and longevity.

2. Can I personalise my Pergola?
Absolutely, our pergolas offer various customisation possibilities, such as frame colour selection, and you can even opt for additional features like integrated LED lighting, outdoor heaters, roller screens, and rain sensors. Contact our team today to explore how you can personalise your Pergola and create your ideal outdoor space.

3. Is maintenance required for the new Pergola?
Our pergolas demand minimal maintenance to keep them in excellent condition and functioning properly. Occasional tasks may involve clearing the integrated gutters and downpipes to ensure proper drainage and cleaning the frame to remove dirt. Our installation team can provide you with detailed guidance on how to effectively maintain your new Pergola.

4. What's the installation timeline for the Pergola?
The duration of installation will vary based on individual projects and the extent of groundwork and preparation needed before installation. We conduct a site survey before installation to provide you with a more accurate estimate.

Contact us to schedule a site survey at your convenience, and we'll offer you a better idea of the expected completion time.