Outdoor Blinds NZ

Create a private space outside your home and protect your space from wind, dust, and insects with our durable and beautiful outdoor blinds NZ.

Now you can enjoy your own private space in your backyard or garden throughout the year with your loved ones. Our wide range of outdoor blinds will make your private outdoor living area even better. We have waterproof blinds to protect your furniture from rain and give you a comfy summer spot and warm winter hideaway. Plus, you can order from our collection of roller blinds that perfectly complement modern Pergolas.

Discover our blinds collection today and choose from a range of design styles to complement your unique taste. 

Outdoor Blinds NZ

Elevate The Look with Pergola Side Blinds

The functionality and aesthetics of outdoor blinds are unmatched when it comes to converting your outdoor living area into a multipurpose retreat. These blinds excel in reducing glare and repelling rainwater.

They also allow a gentle breeze through their finely crafted pinholes. This ingenious design ensures optimal comfort during the scorching summer months and guards your outdoor furniture against the harshness of direct sunlight.

Crafted with safety in mind, our design is free from cords, crank handles, zips, or external wiring, ensuring a secure environment for children and pets. Complete with two side posts, the blinds are prepared for effortless installation, offering hassle-free setup.

Choose from a captivating palette of two exceptional colours: White and Dark Grey. We also offer a zip system in our roller screens to keep the fabric stay within the side rails if the weather gets windy. This zipper side blind is ideal for those living in high wind zones.

Made To Measure Outdoor Blinds

We also offer customisation options to create a more private space under your aluminum pergola in NZ. Our made to measure options include Manual Standard, Manual Zipped, and Motorised Zipped.

Manual Standard Blinds are perfect for keeping the sun away and giving you privacy. They work using a spring-loaded system that lets you control the blinds.

Manual Zipped Blinds are great for rainy and windy days because they're secured on the sides and won't flap around. They also use a spring-loaded system for control.

Our Motorised Zipped Blinds are super sleek and stylish; they offer effortless control over the amount of sunlight and work great in rainy and windy weather. These motorised roller screens provide exceptional features, offering you the ultimate convenience. There's a hidden motor that opens or closes the blinds when you press a button.

The motor fits neatly inside the aluminium headbox, and the remote integrates into this system, granting you remote access to the motor's operation. Thanks to the zip system, the fabric stays securely within the side rails even on windy days. You can choose from two fantastic colours: Dark Grey and White, to perfectly match your style.

Feel free to reach out to us for more details regarding our custom outdoor blinds.

Experience the Full Spectrum of Benefits

Outdoor living is a cherished aspect of life in New Zealand, and maximising the potential of your outdoor space is essential. Outdoor blinds are pivotal in creating a more comfortable and adaptable environment. Our blinds act as versatile shields, ensuring you can enjoy your pergola throughout the seasons.

Cooling Effect

Beat the heat with outdoor blinds that effectively block the sun, keeping your louvered Pergola in NZ refreshingly cool. Say goodbye to uncomfortable heatwaves and welcome a newfound level of comfort with our state-of-the-art outdoor blinds.

Energy Savings

Premium window blinds and awnings reflect heat, drastically reducing the need for air conditioning and potentially slashing your energy bill by up to 50%.

Enhanced Privacy and Convenience

Enjoy your outdoor spaces in peace by adding an extra layer of privacy. Select fabrics that maintain privacy while enabling airflow, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere. Or choose between motorised, spring-operated, or crank-operated options, all designed for effortless use and convenience.


Are your blinds suitable for commercial spaces?

Our external blinds are versatile and can be suited for both residential and commercial outdoor spaces.

Do the blinds come in different sizes?

Our patio blinds can be custom made in various sizes to cater to different space requirements.

How do these blinds enhance energy efficiency?

Our curtains blinds are designed to block and reflect heat, which helps cut down on the need for outdoor air conditioning. This not only keeps you cooler but also saves energy.

4. Can I install these blinds myself?

Certainly! With just basic DIY skills and some knowledge of power tools, installing the blinds becomes a straightforward task. However, for motorised blinds, we recommend enlisting the services of a licensed electrician to handle the wiring.

5. Do your outdoor blinds come with any warranties?

Yes, we offer warranties on outdoor blind to provide you with peace of mind regarding their quality and performance.